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Our Programs

We're honored to serve all ages

The Family First Community Center is honored to serve all-ages! We have created a strategic, innovative way to meet this ambitious goal with a targeted scheduling approach of welcoming specific age groups throughout the day. We will transform our community center to fully focus on that defined age range with appropriate programming geared toward each group. Between 12:00-2:00pm and 6:00-8:00pm our programs will be targeted for the intergenerational population, and between 2:30-5:30pm the entire facility will be transformed with programming for middle and high school teens. Our goal is to provide everything at FFCC for FREE or at little cost (excluding HealthPoint services). Please check out our VISIT page to find more information on our hours of operation and details on our targeted scheduling approach.

About FFCC Programs

FFCC will primarily offer “drop-in” services with strategic programs geared towards specific ages throughout the day. The free “drop-in” model removes financial barriers and allows the community to come together in a safe space to gather and develop a sense of community with their neighbors.


Unlike traditional community centers, FFCC will not own the majority of the programs we offer. We recognize that there are countless nonprofits and community-based organizations in the South King County area doing tremendous work in our region, and we want to uplift and support these groups by giving them a place to operate their programs and join us in serving the community. FFCC has high standards for all partners we choose to work with. They will be an extension of our family. The organization will have to fill out an application and participate in an in-formal interview. If it’s determined that they are a good fit for FFCC, they will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreeing to specified terms, expectations and must complete background checks. FFCC and its partners will participate in an annual 360° evaluation process, meaning FFCC will evaluate the partner, the partner will evaluate FFCC and we invite the community and to evaluate the partners and FFCC as a whole. This will allow us all to grow, learn and make sure that the community is always being served the way it wants to be served. While we hope to provide free programming whenever possible, there will be costs associated to some programs.

Our Founding Partners

Our Sponsors