Putting Family First

The Family First Community Center Foundation, along with Safeway, Northwest Harvest & its network of Community Partners, and other local organizations have all come together to bring immediate relief to local Seattle-area families and senior citizens adversely affected by our current global pandemic.

Thank You For Your Support

Family First Community Center Foundation Volunteers and Donors,

On behalf of Doug Baldwin and the team at the Family First Community Center Foundation, THANK YOU!

Nearly four months ago we faced the initial shock of a global pandemic. As a Foundation, we assessed where we could most quickly respond with support and resources. It became evident that delivering basic living essentials to vulnerable populations was an immediate need. So we put a call out to you.

As a result, 259 people volunteered to support seniors and families throughout King County! With more than 400 deliveries, we were able to get over 48,000 meals and essential items where they were most needed. We also received financial donations in the amount of $104,416.34, of which 100% is going back to the community.

Our elder population received two week’s worth of meals delivered to their front doors. Families received meal kits and monthly supplies of diapers and wipes at childcare sites. Outpatient families received care kits at home. Frontline cancer care staff received weekly snacks. Healthcare workers received PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and healthy kale chip snacks on site. Hundreds of families received food, cleaning supplies and play equipment at apartment sites. Hundreds of other families received funds to purchase WiFi hotspots so their children could successfully complete their schoolwork. In addition, an expecting family received a car seat so they could leave the hospital with their newborn. More than 900 sports balls were transported to an organization to provide directly to families. There are so many more positive stories enabled by your support!

Thank you for showing up at a moment’s notice. Thank you for volunteering when no one was noticing. Thank you for driving for miles to put smiles on the faces of those in need. Thank you for your time and energy to serve. Our full list of partnering organizations can be found on our Partners page.

The need has not gone away. The need for food security and basic living needs continue and is growing in many areas.  As you were giving and delivering, community-based organizations were given the time to develop a more stable delivery plan moving forward. Many of our community partners have years of experience in this area and are now better equipped to handle the cause. The mission of the FFCCF is to provide youth and families in the Cascade/Benson area with a community center that offers health, wellness, recreational and educational opportunities. It’s time that we get back to focusing on our mission as well. We will continue to work with our partners to best serve the greater King County area.

We encourage you to do the same. Find out where you can serve. Find out where there is a need. We hope this opportunity has expanded your view to the many needs that exists in our city. We hope you have seen how something as simple as delivering a box to a home can make a huge difference in someone’s life. A non-profit’s success is built on the foundation of its volunteers. Please continue to explore where you can serve.

Again, we thank you.  It has been encouraging to see our community come together in a time of need.

Be safe. Be well. Be kind.

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Doug B. and the team from Family First Community Center Foundation

Helping Our Neighbors

Thanks to your financial contributions, and the support of a wide variety of philanthropy partners and community organizations, we have already made an impact on our mission. We have made more than 410 deliveries, including over 48,000 essential items and meals for our region’s families and senior citizens. We can’t do this work alone, so we appreciate you supporting this imperative work.

Making An Impact

In just a few short weeks, we’ve already brought much-needed impact to our community.




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