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Young Queens

This program is based on mentorship as an intervention, we assist in shaping/changing attitudes associated with participating in destructive behavior. We promote academic success by raising self and mental awareness of unique gifts and talents in the pursuit of realizing fullest potential while accomplishing goals and teaching youth how to make good choices. We work on raising self-esteem, communication, mental control, and academic performance.

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Who is this program for?

This group is for middle school and high school young ladies who identify as Black or a young lady of color. Join Kre’Shawna Jones from the Life Enrichment Group in the Community Meeting Room and Activities Lounge.

Goals for this program

We will focus on cultivating leadership skills through youth led activities that highlight youth voice and promote youth choice. We will implement YQ personal development curriculum as well as focus on academic achievement. During the YQ Sister Circle sessions we will also focus on healing practices, current events and projects around self-care.

Key goal points

  • Personal development
  • Academic achievement
  • Leadership skills
  • Sisterhood