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Trailblazers Social Justice Focused Program

The Trailblazers program cultivates youth as they become empowered critical thinkers, driven by a deep sense of purpose. Trailblazers participants emerge as leaders as they explore the program’s four pillars. This program is hosted by Theresa Carter-Vincent and Marissa McDowell in Makerspace 2.

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Who is this program for?

  • Youth interested in Social Justice
  • Youth interested in Personal Development
  • Youth interested in exploring college, career, and entrepreneurship

Goal of this program

The goal of the program is to introduce scholars to social justice in education, social justice movements, learn the importance of racial equity and analyze injustice, and learn the importance and tools to navigate and dismantling systemic racism. We also provide scholars with personal development tools, introduce scholars to methods of liberation for systematic oppression in America, and cultivate scholars into leaders.

This program will explore the following topics:

  • Personal Development
  • Social Justice
  • Navigating Racism