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Tigrigna Language and Culture Awareness

Our program emphasis is placed on listening communication, comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing the language of Tigrigna.

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Program Details

The vocabulary is situational and intends to develop communicative competence in the learner, some history culture, and geography of Eritrea and the nine tribes of Eritrea.

Students are introduced to the culture of Eritrea-speaking countries through visitors, videos, and pictures of cultures as well as practice songs, dances, and moral values of the culture and country.

Drop-ins are accepted. For more information please contact Selam Tigrigna School Service at 425-985-9563

Program Goals

Selam Tigrigina school service’s goal is to introduce the Tigrigina language and culture to our community, we are offering educational and cultural opportunities that are free to the Benson hill, cascade, and surrounding community in an attempt to foster positive relationships and shared appreciation of language and culture.

  • Teach Tigrigna Language
  • Read and write
  • Use proper grammar
  • Learn to communicate
  • Role plays in conversation, comprehension and language skills
  • Songs and dance