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Soccer & Space Summer Camp! With Space United FC

Join Starkicks, Soccer & Space Academy on a 5-day (full-day) summer camp designed for kindergarten through 5th graders who want to learn soccer skills while getting introduced to fun space exploration and hands-on STEM activities.

Summer campers will also have the chance to talk with real-life rocket scientists and astronauts to hear about their experiences and how they can dream of a future amongst the stars!

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Program Goals

Designed by space engineers and pro athletes, our program aims to bring a well-rounded and culturally unifying soccer experience led by experienced educators and coaches while engaging with a curriculum that unites sports with modules on space exploration, science, and hands-on experiments.

At Space United, we are using the global passion for soccer to break through barriers and uplift all communities in the exciting future of space exploration. As part of our initiatives to open access to space, our engineer-athletes have developed the Starkick, Soccer & Space Camp, designed to combine high-quality soccer training with engaging space exploration lessons and hands-on STEM activities to ignite a passion for learning and exploration in K-5th students.