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Exploring Environmental Science

Connecting with Nature through Plant Care, Wildlife Interaction, Culinary Arts, Environmental Awareness, and Seasonal Celebration.

Please register at the Family First Community Center front desk for this program.

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Program Lessons

  • June 27th – Succulent guide: taking care of indoor plants
  • July 11th – Falconer and bird feeder lesson
  • July 25th – Cookbook: herb pressing and seasoning
  • August 8th – Air quality w Nurturing Roots
  • August 22nd – End of summer celebration

Who is this program for?

This program is for Youth Pre-k through 12th, families and elders. Join Orion Grant from Environmental Science Center in Demo Kitchen (Community Meeting Room), and Outdoor field(s) for this program.

Goals for this program

Our goals are to inspire and foster environmental stewardship actions for all program participants, and to offer knowledge and resources for communities to deepen their relationship with their local environment.