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Northwest Education Access Winter Programming

Northwest Education Access provides comprehensive and individualized support to help low-income young people, and build their own path to higher education and beyond.

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Who is this program for?

  • 16-29 low-income young people
  • “Opportunity youth” – Young people from non-traditional educational pathways and folks wanting to get back into an education pathway as well.
  • Renton region but our team supports in different South King County areas and up North, Eastside if our students prefer support there.

Goals for this program

Northwest Education Access provides 1-on-1 support for young people to achieve their educational goals. With that support, the young people are there driving their pathway and our team supports in any way for those students to achieve that goal.

Key Goals

  • Providing personal attention, mentorship, and technical assistance.
  • Connecting folks with information and resources in support of their individual goals and plans.
  • Advocate and empower folks to develop their own voices in their educational journey.
  • Providing financial resources for access to their educational plans and meeting their basic needs while in school.