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Family Math Fun with SUMM + Zeno

We will engage with parents/caregivers and kids, demonstrating playing with math with their children ages 3-10, and providing free take-away materials to continue the math learning experience at home. Each session will include circle time, a mathy moment for parents, math based play stations, giveaways and resources.

Join the SUMM and Zeno team in the Makerspace!

Please register here for this event as space is limited.

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Who is this program for?

This program is for families with children ages 3-10.

Goals for this program

We plan to partner with families in providing math enrichment activities that parents can replicate in the home setting. In addition to providing in-person fun educational sessions including math blocks, puzzles, games and books targeting 3-10 year olds, we will provide takeaways based on the projects of a given session. In addition to providing the opportunity to replicate fun math activities at home, takeaways can be shared with other family members and friends, creating a ripple effect of making math more accessible throughout the community.

  • Spark the love of math through play
  • Facilitate families seeing math in real life together
  • Provide takeaways that support families in continuing their journey at home