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Epilogue Book Distribution

DECA is an international organization for high school and college students where they can participate in different competitive events to learn and gain experience in business-related fields. This includes marketing, finance, hospitality, and project management. DECA also encourages students to learn professional skills like public speaking, networking, and problem-solving. DECA competitions consist of tests, roleplays in front of judges, or presenting 10 to 20-page written papers. The goal of our DECA chapter at Lindbergh High School is to build the confidence and skill sets of students so they are prepared for whatever their future may hold.

The idea for this book drive came about during the summer when we decided we wanted to create a project that would impact our community positively. As a DECA member, you can compete in a competition called “Community Giving.” This book drive began as our Community Giving project but making a positive impact in our community is our greatest priority.

Our hope is that even after this year’s competition, we will be able to continue the Epilogue Project and begin a lasting cycle of passing books down to our younger counterparts. The Epilogue Project was formed after we considered our own childhoods, we were “bookworms” who hoarded our precious childhood novels long past the age we read them. Selling them or donating them to be sold didn’t feel right, considering the memories and sentiment they had carried and the lessons they had taught us. Instead, our dream is that these books can bring joy and imagination to a new generation of readers.